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The “BASIC VR” system gives professionals total access to

courses, procedures or scenarios needed to prepare themselves.

The system has three distinctly different goals


Learn something new and refresh something you already should know.

Procedures & routines

Get it right every time through regular study and mental programming using basic, difficult or important procedures and routines. In addition, you can practice dangerous procedures repeatedly and regularly.

Scenario trainer

Experience situations, reflect on all possible solutions and discuss them with other professionals using identical premises and understanding.

The key to the BASIC VR success is simplicity

BASIC VR not only brings a new bridge between theory and training to the table, it also replaces old fashioned teaching practices and brings realism to everyday preparations.

User threshold is removed, not reduced.

Time use is as low as possible.

Accessibility is total and no WiFi or computers are needed.

Why Choose Us

We make bespoke soloutions that are tailor made for Your needs and requirements.

Some of the possibilities to integrate into your training and operations.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Conduct After Capture


EOD - scenarios

Use of force - scenarios

Weapons familiarisation

Weapons drills

Equipment instructions manuals

Vehicle familiarisation

Vehicle instructions manuals

Operations room training

Situational awareness building

Decision making

Diving procedures

First aid course

Stress handling course

First aid course

Tactical Combat Casualty Care